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Arrowprop Experimental Aircraft Propellers
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Experimental Aircraft

Arrowprop Company
P.O. Box 610
Meeker, OK 74855, USA

Phone: (405)279-3833
Fax: (405)279-2377


Experimental Aircraft Propeller

Arrowprop manufactures experimental aircraft propellers for the Volkswagen engine, and the Continental 65, 85, and 90 HP engines only.  Arrowprop experimental aircraft propellers are manufactured from 7/16" laminated birch hardwood.  The leading edge of the propeller is an epoxy inlay with the tips covered with epoxy bi-ax weave glass.  The propellers are finished with a durable hi-gloss two part polyurethane.

The following are some of the more popular diameter and pitch propellers for various engines:

Experimental Aircraft Propeller Prices
Engine Diameter & Pitch Price
Volkswagen 1800 52 x 44, 54 x 44 359.00
Continental 65, 85, 90 65 x 62, 72 x 44
72 x 44, 70 x 48
70 x 52

Note: All prices are in US Dollars

When ordering you will need to specify:

  • Clockwise or counter clockwise rotation
  • Pusher or tractor type
  • Bolt circle diameter
  • The number of bolt holes
  • The bolt hole size
  • Center hole size

You may call us at (405) 279-3833 to place an order, fax us at (405) 279-2377, or send us an e-mail with all the requested information.


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